Peggy’s Corral Koozies
January 25, 2018

PALMETTO – There’s a bar on the way out of town that’s often full of loud engines, leather vests and the smoke from someone choking down yet another Marlboro red by the pool table in the back.

The place is called Peggy’s Corral, and it’s been on the outskirts of Palmetto for 17 years now. Bikers from around the region often congregate there, especially on weekends, and on Sunday it was estimated that 3,500 bandanna-wearing bikers — really not that many less than your average spring training game — showed up for the bar’s anniversary bash.

Unless you subscribe to “Born to Ride” magazine, it can be quite an intimidating place for the average person.

But walk in frightened and leave enlightened.

“When I bought this bar, it was a knife-and-gun club,” says Terry Toner, who owns the bar with his wife, Debra. “There was a fight every Saturday night. That reputation never went away but people don’t know everything we do for the community.

“People go from the old stereotypes of years ago, the Hell’s Angels and all that garbage. People are afraid to stop, and they shouldn’t be.”

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